Want to really wake up?

A few facts:
  • 50% of Guatemala laborers work in agriculture (CIA Factbook 1999)
    75% of Guatemalans are unemployed (CIA Factbook 2004)
The NCC SIFE team travels to Guatemala to ensure that sound social conditions are met
in the production and distribution of the coffee that we sell.
  • A Living Wage - The San Lucas Toliman mission pays growers $2.00 per pound of coffee, compared to the free market price of about $1.00 or the Fair Trade price of $1.26 a pound!
  • Supporting Entrepreneurship - Conscious Bean promotes independent Guatemalan businesses. Because of us and other socially conscious buyers, these farmers do not have to sell their labor or coffee to exploitative plantations or middlemen.
  • Supporting Family Business - Conscious Bean buys its coffee from independent farming families surrounding San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala.
  • Quality Products - Conscious Bean promotes a quality coffee product through its promotion of shade-grown coffee as well as its acceptance of only the highest quality coffee bean. Happy Children
  • Proven Results - Interviews with Guatemalan coffee farmers underscore three direct outcomes of doing business. The farmers are using their earnings to:
    1) Feed their families
    2) Send their children to school
    3) Buy more land to grow food and to supplement their incomes

    This is helping to solve a most pressing issue of global inequality. The coffee growers are promoting long-term economic development by supporting their children’s education