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Conscious Bean coffee is grown in San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala. Guatemala is an extremely poor country with nearly 75% of its population living in poverty, and 50% of its laborers working in agriculture (CIA Factbook 2004). Guatemala stands out as one of the most non-egalitarian countries in the world based on distribution of resources.

Statue in Guatemala

Conscious Bean buys from San Lucas Tolimán coffee growers at fair prices through the local catholic mission. The mission buys only the best coffee from the independent farmers in the surrounding area. It pays the farmers a higher price than they would get selling the coffee to a middleman. They inspect and dry the coffee, using only the best beans only. Then they sell it to people like us in the United States and elsewhere.

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

The village of San Lucas Tolimán is predominantly Mayan, the indigenous people of Guatemala. One of their most important crops is coffee. The people are using the extra money they make from this project to send their children to school and buy extra food.