SIFE Self Verification

We made sure that environmental and farmer’s needs were met, in person.

The NCC SIFE team traveled to Guatemala twice in 2005-2006 to ensure what we said was really true. What we found there solidified our desire to continue importing this delicious bean.

Guatemalan FarmerThere we learned about the process coffee undergoes, as well as the labor that is put into it. We talked to them about their pesticide usage (which is minimal) and their thoughts about the project. We interviewed farmers one-on-one and got positive feedback about the benefits of this program to their families.

"Every year we look to expand our projects and make them better having the biggest impact we can.  In order to do this, we have to go to really get the first hand experience ensuring ourselves that this project is the right one for us.  When we went to Guatemala I had no clue what to expect but today I can honestly say that it has been more than simply a life changing experience.  I have a passion and drive to make a difference in any way shape or form in peoples lives."
-Blake Tatroe, SeniorFamily

"The SIFE trip to Guatemala was life-changing for me. I finally got to see the people behind the beans. I saw the way they really lived, and it really made me understand why they need and deserve the wage that we pay them. They cannot live properly on the lesser wages. The people there are so kind and humble; it warmed my heart to know that SIFE was enabling them to earn a wage they deserve."
-Lindsey Howard, Alumni